Hi everyone! I’m back with another foundation review because I’m always on the hunt for achieving barbie looking, flawless skin!

I was shopping for the new Jeffree Star X MORPHE brushes (review coming soon !!) and I saw the foundation and concealer and I really wanted to try them out! I’m getting pretty good at picking out my shade online so I picked f1.80 foundation and then for concealer I got c1.15 which I believe was one or two away from pure white!

You know sometimes when you put on your base and your face feels really heavy and like, you can feel the make up on your skin? Well I hate that! It makes me feel so uncomfortable and dirty if I have to wear my make up from morning until night. This foundation really does the opposite for me! It’s so lightweight and when I touch my skin it feels soft and not at all cakey.

What I love is that this foundation comes in 60 SHADES !! Hats off to MORPHE for this one! The site claims that this foundation is long wearing and full coverage!! According to the site, this foundation would last 24-hours (but please don’t leave your foundation on for that long, your skin won’t thank you!). It has a lovely soft mate coverage if you apply it by dotting it across your face and blending in with a brush.

The concealer is really light, like very, so I didn’t put too much on! After a while it settled into my creases a little bit, but a lot of concealers do on my eyes. I really do like this concealer though, it’s nice and thick and very high coverage! Again, the shade range is amazing on this one. With a total of 31 shades!

I feel this concealer applies best with a wet beauty sponge for a flawless, blended coverage. This really has helped me say Au Revoir to my ever-growing dark circles! (Mom life x)

Wear Test

  • Application – 12.00
  • Check in – 15.00: still flawless!
  • Check in (and removal) – 20:30: still flawless.


  • Foundation – 10/10
  • Concealer – 7/10

I really like both of these products, especially the foundation! Definitely one of the best I’ve ever tried, and it’s sooo good for the price too! I for sure recommend! It feels great to have a base that you know you can trust to still look pretty much the same as when you apply it to when you take it off, especially if you have a busy day!

Let me know if you’ve tried these out and what you think of them! And thank you so much for reading!


Foundation – SHOP

Concealer – SHOP


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