Jeffree Star Cosmetics releases are always my favourite and today I’m here with a review of one of the most exciting releases of make up this year. We all know and love Jeffree for being unique and for his creativity. This year, we saw his brand change up the packaging game with the iconic Blood Sugar Palette, which was shaped like a medical kit. Just when we thought that was the peak, he dropped the Alien Palette.

This palette is part of his 2018 holiday collection and it is of course, shaped like an Alien head. Anyone that knows me is well aware of how much I love aliens and the whole concept of space (and conspiracies), and obviously any reader of this blog knows how much I love Jeffree Star Cosmetics, so the two together is definitely my favourite combination ever.

There have been so many warm tone palettes released this year and in 2017 and everything has been pretty samey,  So i’m ready for something different and JSC always deliver that.  The shade range is very earthy and unique with greens, purples, blues and finally a lovely matte grey, which I’ve been searching for, forever.

Who’s ready to get extra terrestrial?

The #ALIEN palette and the entire @jeffreestarcosmetics holiday collection has just been revealed on my channel!!! 👽💚 click the link in my bio!!!!

A post shared by Jeffree Star (@jeffreestar) on The UNICARTON – God, this packaging is to die for. The palette comes in a purple box with a sparkled effect to mimic the sky. Loving the space theme, I really am. Have I mentioned that yet?


Pluto: This one is a really pretty, white coloured shimmer which works amazing as a brow bone and inner corner highlight.

Titan: A gorgeous matte nude shade, perfect for setting the lid or as a light transitional colour.

Alien : I think this represents the entire palette in one shade, it’s a sparkled like green shimmer! That I was immediately drawn to as soon as I opened the palette up. The pigmentation on this is honestly insane, as soon as you touch it on your finger, the full colour pay off is there.

Interstellar : Shimmer with a white gold shift to it, this would also make a beautiful highlight shade!

Abduction: This shade is a lime green, almost yellow, matte shade which I really like. I’ve never seen a shade like this before so it’s completely unique. I think it’s very rare to find a shade that hasn’t already been done in a thousand other palettes previous.

UFO: This colour is a lovely shade of sparkled gold! I love the shade name of this one, fun fact I actually once saw a UFO when I was about seven and coming out of Brewster Bears, nobody ever believes me but honestly, I know what I saw!!!!

Gravitia: This is a matte shade with a somewhat pinkish peach tone to it, I think this shade would be great to just put into the crease for an everyday, natural sort of make up look.

Martian Soil: This is a dark mustard type shade which I really like. I was very inspired by this one when I saw it and have worn it a few times, it works really well in the crease with UFO on the lid.

Flying saucer: A matte, vibrant green. This shade is extremely pigmented and is perfect for all those spacey extra terrestrial looks. I love how Jeffree has mixed up the emblem on some of the pans to fit with the theme, and this one features a (you guessed it) flying saucer.

Phone Home: This shade is a matte similar to Gravitia but in a darker and more pink toned hue.

Moon Rock: This was one of the first shades that I swatched when I received my palette and I was really impressed with the formula and pigmentation. There’s no need to wet the brush with these shimmers!

X-Files: This is another one where the emblem in the pan has been changed to a lovely alien, think I need this as my next tattoo??? yes.

Ghost OG: This is a dark earthy grey that I love, it’s not a shade like any I have in my collection, good greys are very hard to come by!

Area 51: Purple’s are apparently the hardest colour eyeshadow to make in terms of formulation, but you’d never tell by this one. It’s extremely pigmented and blends like a buttery dream.

Space Cowboy: This is a bronze copper shade, similar to a shimmer found in the Thirsty Palette but with a darker hue.

Probe: Don’t you just love the names of these? This shimmer shade is a beautiful green duo-chrome colour with grey reflects and maroon ? (very hard to explain, hope you can see it’s beauty from the pictures) This became one of my favourite shades after I swatched it, it’s so gorgeous and unique!

Tall Grey: A matte grey shade that sounds so simple but actually sold me on this palette (as if I was ever going to not buy a JSC palette) because like I said, good greys are hard to come by. Kind of like good men, once you find them, hang on to them.

Black Hole: This is a matte black shade which JSC hadn’t made previous to this release. There was a black shade in the first ever JSC palette, Beauty Killer, but it has reflects of glitter within it.

^ * moments after this picture was taken, my little boy dig his finger into UFO and ruined it 🙂 don’t leave your palette around babies *


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