How to design your baby’s nursery room

One of the most exciting parts of pregnancy for me was planning how I wanted my baby’s nursery to look. Of course, it has to be practical but also cute and homely. It’s a space that has to be cosy and tranquil for your baby (and you!) to have optimum sleep.

Babies’ rooms can be expensive, especially if you consider that you might only get a few years to use them until they need updating. With that in mind, it can be a good idea to design a room that changes and grows with as your baby does, something you can find out how to do by reading my post below.

Choosing neutral colours

First of all, if you are looking to get as much use out of your baby’s room as they grow up, you need to choose a neutral colour with which to decorate.

There are quite a few advantages to using neutral colours as well. The first is that if your baby does have any ‘little accidents’ while they are young, the walls can easily be painted over and you won’t find it hard to get a shade match!

Secondly, a neutral colour scheme on the way is a brilliant base to build the rest of the design around. After all using white, cream, or grey isn’t too baby like, and should still look appropriate when they get a little older. I opted for white bricked wallpaper and some mint green walls, something a little different from the typical blues that are commonly found in a baby boy’s room. The mint green can easily be repainted to another shade if needed, and the white will always match any design.

Getting the right storage

Next, as any Mum will know storage is vital in any child’s room. Otherwise, all of their essentials and toys can end up spreading all over the house.

Sadly, up until now, it’s been pretty challenging to get things like childrens wardrobes that are anything but childish! Luckily, there are some smart brands on the market now that have a more sophisticated approach, which makes them the perfect investment to last for a long time.

Leo’s room is the smallest in the house and so storage can be tricky! I went for a single wardrobe with double rails and drawers to store as many of his things as possible. (and really – he has almost more clothes than me!)

Changeable decorations

Of course, in any baby or child’s room, it can work well to display decorations and toys. However, as they grow out of them so quickly, you need to think carefully about what you use.

In fact, by choosing floating shelves that are used to display toy items you can easily and quickly change them over as their tastes mature. Something that means you won’t have to redecorate the whole room just because Peppa Pig has gone out of favour.

In fact, if you are smart, you can even use some clever hacks that allow storage units to double up as playhouses and fun centres as well, therefore getting even more value for money.

The right bed

Lastly, in a bedroom, it’s vital that your child has somewhere to sleep. The thing is that this will be a cot when they are small, and then they will need a toddler bed, which is lower, smaller and can sometimes have a rail to stop them falling out. Then once they have outgrown that it’s time to get them an adult size single bed. That’s a lot of beds over a relatively short space of time!

The bed I got for Leo is interchangeable to different heights that will fit him as he grows as it also converts into a toddler bed.

Therefore if you can find a bed that will be suitable for two or more of these stages, it will allow babies room to grow and develop as they do, so you can ensure you get the most use out of it as possible. Of course, this can save you a ton of money as well!


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