Being a parent is the most amazing thing in the world – but it’s a lot of responsibility! As soon as they’re born all you want is to wrap them in cotton wool and never let them out of your sight! Even if you had your heart set on being a liberal parent. You’d do anything to keep your baby safe and part of you wants to never leave the house and keep your baby under your watch forever and ever.

But, you can’t save your kids from the world. Trying to will only lead to resentment and broken relationships. Instead, you need to ease that cotton wool off as soon as they’re old enough to stand on their own. Even if you don’t, life will strip that wrapping for you. The best bet you have, then, is to prepare for these moments and pull back accordingly. To help you do that, we’re going to look at the best ways to deal with some of the main milestones.

After I first had my baby, I hated anyone else looking after him – the thought of having to leave him for even ten minutes brought me to tears. How could I protect him if I wasn’t there? It’s very easy to think you’re the only person in the world who can care for them. What I’ve come to realise though is that you need a break every now and then and it’s ok to let somebody else take your baby or child while you have some you time! It’s also important to start letting go sooner rather than later because otherwise it’ll be harder for your baby to leave you when they go and achieve milestones and get on with their lives!

The first day of school

We had to start here, didn’t we? When they start school, your baby isn’t yours anymore. They’ll have a life outside of what you provide. You won’t be able to guarantee their safety the way you have before. How can you bear the burden? For the most part, your best bet is to take your time choosing the perfect school. If you and your child like the teachers and atmosphere, you can at least ensure their transition is smooth. And, that’s the best you can both hope for.

The first big school trip

With school comes school trips. During the early years, the excursions are likely pretty small. There’s every chance that your kids will go no further than the local museum. But, once they reach year six and above, most children get the chance for a trip which lasts a little longer. It could be that a teacher books them into an activity camp a few hours away. Some school even offer school trips to Austria and other countries of educational relevance. We know this sounds like your parental nightmare. Your cotton wool certainly won’t serve here. But, this is an opportunity your child could benefit from. To ensure you keep your mind at ease, talk to the teacher about the ins and outs. If you know what your child will do while they’re away, you should find it easier to sign that consent form.

The university problem

This might seem like a jump, but it’s worth talking about the university conundrum, too. With university comes dorm rooms and living out of home. And, that can be harder than their first day of school, for both them and you. To ensure this transition runs smooth, support them in visiting colleges and accommodations. Make sure, too, to do the typical stocking up on household essentials before they leave. And, of course, call them as often as they allow so that you can at least keep some idea of how they’re doing!

Remember to accept help when you need it


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