Maternity Mondays: The Newborn Essentials List

As many of you may or not already know, I’ve recently had a baby! You can read my introductory post to him here.

As soon as you announce that you’re expecting, everyone will start telling you how expensive it all is and you start to wonder what you need, what’s over hyped and what’s just simply unnecessary! After keeping a baby alive for over a month now (well done me), I’ve pieced together a few things that I think every new mum needs! I mean, of course every baby needs clothes, a place to sleep, a place to bathe, milk and nappies etc. But these are the things maybe you haven’t thought of yet.

Chicco Next To Me Crib


At first, I had a Moses basket by my bed. This was something that everyone seemed to have so it just seemed standard, that I’d buy one. So I did and for the first few weeks Leo slept in there every night. However, sometimes when he wakes up I feel like all he needs is a little reassurance that someone is around. The problem is with a Moses basket is you have go and get up to check on your baby at every little noise he makes. The Chicco crib just makes it so much easier because you can see your baby as soon as you open your eyes and you can simply reach over, stroke his hair, and then fall back asleep. It’s reassuring for the both of us to be this close to each other – and it’s the safe alternative to co-sleeping. Also, the recommendations are for your baby to sleep in your room for the first 4-6 months minimum and I can already tell that Leo wouldn’t fit in the Moses basket for that long! The chicco crib is much bigger and will last for months longer than a standard basket! I’ve kept my Moses basket downstairs for day time naps while he can still squeeze in!

SHOP £149.95

Baby carrier / sling

Some babies just like to be held – which is so cute! BUT, it’s impossible to get things done when both your hands are preoccupied. This just makes it a lot easier to do some washing or tidying and all that exciting stuff.

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine

If you’re formula or combination feeding – this is worth every single penny! When you’ve got a hungry baby crying for milk – the last thing you want to be doing at 4 am is boiling kettles and warming bottles for thirty minutes, am I right? This machine literally makes you the perfect bottle, at the perfect temperature in two minutes. It sounds too good to be true but honestly it’s been a god send! You just pop a sterilised bottle under the machine, press a button, add the desired amount of formula then press that button again, give it a quick shake and then there you go! All you need to do is fill the machine with water. Think of it as a coffee machine – but for baby milk.

SHOP £70.00 (on sale!)

Water Wipes & Bepanthen

At my antenatal classes it was recommended that you only use water on your baby for the first six weeks as their skin is too sensitive for too many products. These wipes are perfect for nappy changes and cleaning up any baby sick. The bepanthen is great for any unexpected rashes or sores.

SHOP Wipes

SHOP Bepanthen

Colic Treatment

First things first, there’s infacol – if your baby develops colic this is a god send. Within a few days of use, the symptoms of colic will disappear and you’ll have your happy baby back. I also picked up some anti colic bottles from tommee tippee that trap all the bubbles in the milk to avoid them getting trapped in your baby’s stomach.

SHOP Infacol £3.19

SHOP Anti Colic Bottles £9.33 (on sale!)


If your baby is anything like mine – he’ll want entertaining all the time! Even from birth, babies need entertainment and stimulation to support healthy brain development. We have lots of rattles and toys on hand that are pretty for him to look at and make a noise. We also have a play gym and a vibrating seat!

Lounge Wear

Don’t forget about you! All you’re going to want to do after giving birth (in between feeds and nappy changes) is lounge around in your pjs, catch up on tv and have as many naps as you can squeeze in between visitors.

Gro Egg Room Thermometer

[photo: John Lewis]

It’s really important to ensure that your baby doesn’t overheat or get too cold, this little thing keeps you updated on the temperature of the room to keep things safe and comfortable. One less thing to worry about!

SHOP £14.99

Ewan The Dream Sheep

This cute little thing makes white noise and shines a soothing pink glow, designed to make your baby relax as it resembles the noises and lights he saw in the womb. It’s great for helping soothe your baby to sleep at night! All the reviews on this speak for themselves, it’s definitely the favourite sleep aid on the market.

SHOP £29.99

Thanks for reading! Congratulations to all the new parents out there, you’re doing great!



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