Taking A Break | 10 Reasons Why You’re In Need Of Getting Away

In a world that is full of stress, drama, deadlines and chaos – it’s good to catch a break whenever you can to stop yourself from breaking into insanity. My friend Alex and I recently took a midweek break to the Ramside Hall Hotel and Spa in Durham and honestly it was just what we both needed.

Below, I’ve included ten reasons why you too may be in need of catching a little break from reality.



  1. The mere act of sitting in a jaccuzi or a sauna can automatically make you feel so much more relaxed and relieved of stress.
  2. You need a massage – Studies show that a massage reduces stress hormones and slows your heart rate and brings down high blood pressures. Not to mention that a massage will also push out all the tension knots in your back! Massages are a great way of helping pains such as muscular pains and headaches.
  3. Anti ageing and skin benefits – treatments such as facials and skin treatments enable you to keep looking your best. A facial also helps your skin feel softer and help with acne.
  4. Connecting with your friends and family – travelling to a spa with your bestfriend or a relative can give you both time to talk and bond in a peaceful and tranquil enviornment.
  5. Boosting your mood – It’s near enough impossible to think about the outside world when you’re in a bubbling hot jaccuzi feeling this relaxed. A spa break may enable you to think clearly and positivley.
  6. Dream loactions – most spas are surrounded by beautiful scenery that is great to explore. The natural beauty of your surroundings makes the trip even more relaxing.
  7. Keeping fit & healthy – most spas also have a gym facillity or a swimming pool which can aid in maintaining your weight or keeping healthy.
  8. There’s not always time for us to fit a vaccation into our busy schedules and sometimes a day or a night at the spa is the next best thing. You work hard and deserve to be pampered every now and then.
  9. Spend quality time with yourself – as previously mentioned, it’s important to shut out the outside world and your problems and relax your soul. In an age of technology and smart phones it’s vital that we catch a break from the screens for a few hours.
  10. Beauty services – treat yourself to a cute mani or pedi or a blackhead extraction to keep you feeling confident and ready to slay the day.






Thanks for reading angels,

all my love xoxo



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